Friday, June 03, 2011

Start From Zero | Uprising Exhibition

明日からレペゼン香港ストリートアーティストStart From Zeroの展示会がAbove Secondで開かれるので暇があれば遊びに来てみては、、、

A little sleepy so this will be brief...
From tomorrow there will be an exhibition by local street artists Start From Zero at Above Second. Pop over if you are free...
The details are below.

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Above Second is proud to present


Solo Exhibition by Hong Kong Artist Start From Zero

Opening Reception: 3rd June, 2011, Time: 6pm – 10pm

Live Music Support: G La G la Di Guo & Pusshi Ta-Chi

Event Date: 20th May, 2011 - June Time: 6pm-10pm

Venue: 31 Eastern St, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

website:, tel: +852.3483-7950, mob: +852-6330-7759

address: 31 Eastern St, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong (between 2nd and 3rd st)

Mon-Fri 12pm - 7pm, Weekend by Appointment Only

Facebook Event Page:

(17th Jan, 2011, Hong Kong) – Above Second is please to present ‘Uprising’ a solo exhibition by Start from Zero (SFZ). This new body of work captures the uncertainty surrounding the future of artist communities in the industrial areas of Hong Kong. ‘Uprising’ will include mixed-media, and sculptures that combine materials including wood, metal sign, vinyl, cements, transforming Above Second to a space reminiscent of the industrial spaces in *Ngau Tau Kok.

SFZ has used the landscape of Hong Kong to reflect on what they believe are unjust social, political and cultural issues. In ‘Uprising’, the focus is on the future of Ngau Tau Kok. Just like Fo Tan, Ngau Tau Kok's industrial space has became a haven for the creative fringe, including artists, musicians, pirate radio stations, tattoo parlors, and honey farm. The huge diversity of creative young talent giving a renewed life to these old warehouses is now under threat from the Government's very 'Hong Kong' unrelenting insistence on 'revitalization' through property development. Any irony is lost in the face of profit-seeking. ‘Uprising’ is a protest.

An admiration and dedication to their fellow radical spirit of neighbors and friends, FM 101, Hidden Agenda, Dirty Boogie, SFZ's created artworks based on each of these subversive heroines. ‘Uprising’, is the everyday struggle for artistic expression in Hong Kong is vibrantly portrayed through the collaborative efforts of these close-knit communities. The loss to Hong Kong if they are destroyed will be self-evident.


是次個展由本地街頭藝術單位 Start from Zero (SFZ) 舉辦,近年香港工業區內的藝術社群孕育了一種新的創作環境,SFZ也是其中一份子。這次SFZ將以香港的環境去反映出他們觀察已久社會文化,個展目的是揭示牛頭角工業區創意社群的未來發展。



這次個展'起義'是一種對這政策的抗議。 在個展中包涵了不同的創作媒介.以不同型式表達出藝術社群的構想,Above Second 將成為一個展出這獨特藝術社群的空間, 將這新形成的勢力在這個展展示出他們的創意,希望人們對這得來不易的創作空間有更多的認識也進一步了解香港獨立藝術環境的發展!

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