Tuesday, May 10, 2011

oki-ni Japan Fundraiser Raffle

でも一言、、、ただ商品を作るのでは無くこういった面白いチャリティー企画をもっと考えて欲しいですね。とくにデザイナーとかクリエイティブ系ならもっとグラフィックをシャツにのせるだけじゃなくて違うやり方沢山あると思います。Big ups oki-ni!!!

Kinda running out of time so this is a straight copy n paste...
But I will say one thing... People should think beyond just making product for charity, there are other ways charity can be done and this is a perfect example of a creative charity project. Especially designers and creatives should think beyond slapping a simple graphic on tees and explore other ways to entice people to be charitable. Big ups oki-ni!!!


From oki-ni

The Japanese earthquake and tsunami may seem like a distant memory to some, but for the people of Japan the recovery operation is only just beginning. With half a million left homeless and unprecedented damage done to Japan’s infrastructure, relief is still needed.

Japan is very important to us at oki-ni - we have Japanese staff in our office, and have for many years visited Japan for product and inspiration. So when the disaster struck we wanted to do all we could to help. Now, after weeks of working with our biggest brands we have managed to collect a number of limited edition items that we will raffle off for Japan.

The brands we asked were incredibly generous and we have some incredible prizes to give away: Thom Browne sent us not one, but two, of the custom-made astronaut helmets used in their spring/summer ’11 runway show; NN07 kindly provided a one-of-a-kind Japanese indigo pique shirt, which would have been too expensive to put into production; and Bernhard Willhelm contributed four Japanese headbands, as used in their spring/summer show. We also have more exclusive items from Marc Jacobs, Christopher Kane, Jil Sander and others.

To enter our charity raffle all you have to do is visit this page and buy a raffle ticket. If you’re feeling particularly generous you can buy more than one. The raffle draw will take place at the end of May.

On behalf of the people of Japan, thank you.

Each winner will win one prize, drawn in the order below.

Prizes listed from top-left clockwise:
Astronaut Helmets from the SS11 Show from Thom Browne
Limited-edition Bag from Jil Sander
Cosmic Vest from Christopher Kane
SS11 T-Shirt from Marc Jacobs
Never-before-available Japanese Pique Shirt from NN.07
Special-Edition Shorts from Burkman Brothers
Japanese-message Headband from Bernhard Willhelm
Two Pairs of Limited Edition Shoes from Volta

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