Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Impossible Project

ポラロイドマニアなあなた、インスタントカメラフリークのあなた、、、ポラロイドが再開するそうです、、、でもただ再開するのではなくポラロイドの元工場スタッフと世界中からあつまったインスタントフィルムテクニシャンたちが新たな商品を2010年に発表するみたい、、、そこでThe Impossible Projectがスタート、、、したのでこのサイトではみんなの意見などを受け入れているそうです。英語オンリーのHPだけど根性でのりこえてサインアップ!

This is for all the Polaroid maniacs and instant camera freaks... They are bringing it back... Well kind of... The former employees and other worlds experts in instant film technology is getting together to launch a new product in 2010 and they have started a project called The Impossible Project to gather like minded people to participate. If this is you why not join and contribute in the process!

More info on The Impossible Projectで詳しくチェック、、、

Here are some pics of their old factory which has been closed since last year...

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Aaron G said...

I thinks it's a good idea. It should come back. Many people still want instant cameras to this very day. Open the buildings up and bring it back.