Monday, December 08, 2008

Sole Obsession | ソールオブセション

いきなりSole Obsessionクルーが香港に、、、って忘れてただけだけど。笑
Sole Obsessionはレペゼンシンガポールのスニーカーヘッズ!なんかいつもみんなタイトスケジュールだから香港案内がすごいペースになっちゃうんだけどEugeneとWee Tiongはスマイル、、、でも疲れ気味、、、だいたい一日で香港のストリート系ショップを回ったからこれは新記録かな???

Out of the blue the Sole Obsession arrived in Hong Kong... Well actually I had forgotten about their arrival... hahaha
Anyways Sole Obsession are sneakerheads representing Singapore to the fullest! Seems like everyone always come to HK with a tight schedule, so the tour always ends up being super hectic... This time is no exception and we made a new record by going to all the street related shops in just about one day... Eugene and Wee Tiong was all smiles but their faces where a little tired... Was good to catch up again and see you in Singapore next time...

Wee Tiong & Eugene

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