Friday, December 05, 2008

Perth | パース


Everytime I meet with new people, it is almost certain they ask me which country I'm from... It is a complex question and normally I would say Japan and Australia. Then following question will be the cities and I would reply Yokohama and Perth. Perth is a small city in Australia and if I had to rank the size, it would be after Melbourne... Perhaps similar size as Brisbane.

なぜ突然パースの話をするかというと今日ブログを読んでいてJeffのところで面白い事が書いてあったので思わずパースのことを書こうと思った。10年前ごろパースのカレッジでデザインを勉強してるときにLukeと同じ一年生だった、、、そのときから彼はバンドマンでバンドやってて特にそのときは何も思わなかった。オレはカレッジを1年で終えて大学へ、、、Lukeとはコンタクトを失った。でも数年前に知り合いから連絡があってパース出身のバンドで世界的に有名なバンド用にプロモーションでTシャツを渡してみたらどうかと。でそのバンドがSleepy JacksonでリードシンガーがなんとLuke Steele!偶然だったけどマジ驚いた、、、数年で世界的に有名なバンドマンになっていた彼が本当に嬉しかった。会うチャンスもなかったけどかなりこの事実には衝撃を受けた。

Anyways the reason why I mentioned Perth all of a sudden is because I was reading something interesting on Jeff's blog and it gave me a flash back of Perth. About 10 years ago I was studying design at a local college and was in the same first year with Luke... Even from that time he was involved heavily into his band but I didn't think of it much. After first year in college, I enrolled into university... I had lost contact with Luke. Just few years back, a friend told me that a Perth band, that was famous around the world, might be interested in some T shirts for promotion reasons and I passed some of the T's that I had done. Later I found out the band was Sleepy Jackson with the lead singer being Luke Steele! It was such a coincidence but I was a little taken back... In the few years he had become a world famous singer of a band and I was thrilled about that fact. I didn't get a chance to catch up with him but that fact left a deep impact on myself.

そして今日Jeffのブログを読んでるとLukeがまたすごい事をやってるみたい!新しいユニットEmpire of the Sunを組んだみたい、、、彼はカレッジ時代からすごくがんばっていてこんなに成功している事をインターネットで読めるなんて偶然だけど心から嬉しい。

Then just today while online reading Jeff's blog, it seems Luke is starting another dope shit! He formed a new unit called Empire of the Sun... He had really worked hard since his college days and reading about his success like this on the internet is such a coincedence but I am so happy for him from the bottom of my heart.

パースは小さい都市だけどHeath Ledger (R.I.P.)などの大物も生んでいる、、、まあパースを出てからのみんなの努力しだいだけど!でもやっぱりパースから出てくるスターはみんなサポートしたいしこれからもパースからスターが生まれ事を願っている。もちろんVery Masaも含めて!笑

Perth is a small city but it gave super star like Heath Ledger (R.I.P.)... Well it is actually the hard work put in by those who left Perth! None the less, we want to support all the stars that come from Perth and wish that there will be more to come. Of couse that includes Very Masa too! hahaha


Most likely the next time I read about Luke, he would have turned into a huge star. Kinda looking forward to it...

下記がEmpire of the Sunの新作ビデオ、、、なかなか不思議な仕上がり、、、汗

Below is the new video from Empire of the Sun... Interesting clip...

Empire of the Sun, "Walking On A Dream" from Benjamin Technology on Vimeo.

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