Saturday, December 20, 2008

Me & My Bike Photo Shoot

イタリア人の写真家(名前忘れちゃった!)のプロジェクトMe & My Bikeを香港でシューティングので香港のピストライダー少数が集まりフォトシュート。どんな風に出来上がるのか楽しみ!前回の写真集も見せてもらったけどドープ、、、そのあと久しぶりのCyberportへライディング。ヒルクライムは簡単になってきたかも、、、

An Italian photographer (forgot his name!) came to Hong Kong to do some shoots for his Me & My Bike project... So few of the riders got together for the photo shoot. Lookin forward to seeing how it turns out! Saw the previous works and they looked dope... Then afterwards, we headed for Cyberport which we hadn't been for some time. Felt like the hill climb is not as hard now...

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