Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Adapta Gallery | アダプタギャラリー

香港のアートシーンはだんだん面白くなってきてて今週末に新しいギャラリーコンセプトAdapta GallerySchoeni Galleryでオープンします。とくに最近はコンテンポラリーアート/ストリートアートが盛り上がってきてこれからが楽しみ。オープニングにUKから5人のアーティストが来るのでチェックするしかない!とくに見たいのがCyclopsとD*Face、、、


Hong Kong's art scene is becoming intereting now a days and this weekend will see a new gallery concept called Adapta Gallery opening at Schoeni Gallery. Lately the contemporary art/street art is becoming more prominant, so it should get better. For the opening exhibition there will be 5 artists from UK coming to Hong Kong, so this definitely should not be missed. The works I want to see personally is Cyclops and D*Face...
Also they publish a billingual (Japanese/English) online magazine called UKAdapta which is worth checkin out. It showcases works and interviews from UK and Europe which is dope!

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